The time has come for you to become a Smart City

Hivemind makes it easy for you to get started regarding the topic of smart city: with our total solutions developed especially for cities, proven smart city applications can be implemented within a very short time and at a reasonable price. With “StartSmartCity”, you can test applications in a clearly defined framework. This allows you to discover areas of application that are relevant and value-adding for you.   The utilized solutions are based on open, non-proprietary IoT systems.

Start Smart City Configurator

We make it easy for you! Using the configurator, click to select the solution that you want to use. We will then contact you at the chosen time and discuss with you the scope and price as well as the further procedure. At that point, within a very short time, you will have taken the first step towards your smart city. Over the next six months, we will work together with you to develop solutions that simplify your processes and reduce your costs. Configurator Were you not able to find your desired solution in the configurator? We endeavor to constantly expand our offering and will be glad to hear your preferences and suggestions for new products. Contact Hardware In order to benefit from reliable and future-oriented solutions, we rely on proven hardware. This comes from different, long-established manufacturers that we have tested extensively.Telecom Hivemind uses LoRaWan technology. This low power network standard works similarly way to the mobile phone network, but consumes significantly less energy.The battery life of the sensors is three to five years, depending upon the application. Our telecom partners ensure constant network coverage.


With our smart city application, you have access at all times to the sensors that you use and can view the collected data in real time. In addition, the application allows the integration of individual solutions.

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Functions implemented with “Internet of Things” technologies allow the interaction between humans and any connected electronic systems as well as between the systems themselves.