Smart City

Smart City refers to a settlement area in which ecologically, socially and economically sustainable products, services, technologies, processes and infrastructures are used and supported by networked information and communication technologies. An intelligent city collects information about itself and sends this data to an analysis system in order to reduce the consumption of resources, to permanently increase the quality of life of its citizens and the competitiveness of the local economy and thus to improve the sustainability of the city.



For city representatives, the introduction of Smart City poses a number of challenges

  • A limited entry budget does not permit large-scale implementations.
  • Lack of responsibilities and contact persons prevent a consolidated approach.
  • A young technology harbours certain technical risks.
  • Administrative and cross-departmental issues make implementation more difficult.


In order to meet the challenges, we have found a solution with Startsmartcity

  • Generic applications make it possible to keep development costs low.
  • Contact persons can start with our support without massive resources.
  • Technical risks are reduced by experience.
  • Thanks to the Smart City Framework, departments can easily exchange information about potential synergies.


For city representatives, the Hivemind Smart City solutions offer the following benefits

  • Prompt and risk-reduced implementation of Smart City applications
  • A Smart City Ecosystem without Silo Applications
  • A neutral platform for the integration of sensors from various manufacturers
  • No commitment to telecom carriers and communication technologies

Administration of your Smart City

With the map view you can get an overview of the Smart City applications in your area of activity at any time. All Smart City applications are clearly displayed on a map in the form of icons. Would you like a live demo of the map?  Contact

How to select your personal Use Cases

Under Start Smart you will find a non-exhaustive list of already implemented Smart City Use Cases. We would also be happy to discuss further applications with you.

  • Think about which applications bring you the greatest added value.
  • Discuss the examples with other departments.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you need more information.

Why should you invest in Smart City?

An intelligent city uses technology to improve and change the lives of its citizens and the environment. Introducing Smart City solutions gives them a head start and drives an innovative digital economy. If you are also thinking about how you can become a Smart City, we will be happy to help you develop your integrated Smart City strategy


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