Facility Management

Start SmartFacility supports our partners and customers in real estate and building management using IoT. Individual rooms or objects are specifically equipped with intelligent sensors and provide facility managers and real estate managers with important information that contributes to the optimization of building management, the increase of profitability and the increase of customer satisfaction.

New data-based indicators allow them to better understand and optimize the use of space in their buildings.
Solutions such as Service on Demand allow building users to interact directly with facility management and enhance the customer experience.
A consolidated view via cockpit allows an immediate overview of all messages from the building and helps to improve operational processes.

“The challenges in the Smart Facility area today lie above all in the data-based operation of a property. Economic and ecological goals can only be met with new smart indicators.” Vikram Bhatnagar, CEO Hivemind AG




The requirements for the use of real estate are increasing as a result of increasing ecologization and the changing needs of society. Digital solutions can support and optimize building management if they are integrated into a holistic Smart Facility strategy.

  •  Changes in the use of buildings
  • greening
  • Lack of integrated digitization strategies in Smart Building and Smart Facility
  • Too many isolated solutions on the market

Solution Statement

Start Smart Facility enables facility managers and real estate managers to benefit from an open IoT ecosystem that allows the integration of different technologies (building management systems, sensors, connectivity), making building management smarter.

  • Open IoT ecosystem with API’s
  • Holistic digitization strategies for buildings
  • Sustainable solutions using IoT solutions


The information gained with Start Smart Facility helps facility managers and real estate managers to optimize processes directly, to increase profitability and to use resources more ecologically. At the same time, Smart Facility can be used to increase customer satisfaction and optimize the use of buildings.

  • Process optimization on a strategic and operational level
  • Increase in land use
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Ecological use of resources

Smart building framework

The Smart Building Framework enables decision makers and managers to make the right decisions at the right time and to optimize processes and services. The solution is designed in such a way that the climate, use and condition of individual floors, rooms and objects are recorded and optimizations and targeted measures can be initiated in real time.

How to select your personal Use Cases

The Smart Facility Configurator offers you the opportunity to test the proven Use Cases. The Hivemind team of experts will support you during the implementation. 

Why should you invest in Smart Facility?

With Smart Facility you generate strategically important information that can lead to immediate cost reductions and process optimizations. Internal ERP systems and analytic tools can easily be connected to your Smart Building Framework. Have we aroused your interest?

“As a leading service provider in the field of facility management, we see digitalization as a great opportunity. Especially in the area of platforms, we see potential for Smart Facility Services. This is why we are working with Hivemind on the Hivemind IoT Platform to develop future-oriented solutions for our customers.” Roger Gygli, Head Digital Transformation, ISS Schweiz AG

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